1. Very nice massage video

    This is one of the most erotic massage videos I have seen. very very very suggestive. Hope to get a massage from him someday…


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  5. Massage and more… (NSFW) turned 3 today!

    Massage and more… (NSFW) turned 3 today!

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  7. No Nipples please we are ‘professional’

    Why should professional masseurs not cover the chest and take great pains to avoid your nipples?

    Interesting question.  I am in one of my driest spells in a long time, haven’t had any erotic massage for over a year, and it doesn’t help that I have seriously cut down on both travel as well as massages from my regular masseurs. Blame it on the economy!!

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    A few odd incidents with masseurs – the bizarre and the fun-filled ones

    This Xmas was not special, neither the new year celebratory – no fun-filled moments, and no inspiration to get back to blogging.

    But one needs to move on.  Here’s my first post for 2014, and the simplest way to do this was to recall some of the crazy shit stuff I’d experienced during massages in the past (the good ol’ days)

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