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    My first male to male massage experience in Asia…

    When I started visiting the Asian markets along with the Middle East in the ‘90s, I did receive massages every often. But these were usually at professional massage places like Spas, Hotels etc.  The masseur typically would be a female, and in the rare instance I had a male masseur he would be fairly professional, usually middle-aged or older, or combinations of the above.  I rarely took the trouble of venturing out and looking around the seedier places (like Saunas,  gay spas etc.) , as my schedules were fairly tight and it felt easier to just get a rub in the hotel I stayed or a popular spa close by. I also was fairly risk averse then.  Another factor also was that Asian traditional massages didn’t require me to undress or sometimes a foot massage would be good enough, therefore ruling out any possibility of going beyond

    Therefore my first discovery of a male-to-male massage, as in a completely erotic, sensual experience much later, was an awakening to the pleasurable side that Asian massage places could offer. And I still remember it fondly, like it happened yesterday. What you’d be surprised to note is that it didn’t take place in Thailand but another Asian country.

    During a trip to this location, I had checked out of my hotel in the morning to complete my meetings and then take a flight out around midnight.  My meetings got completed by late afternoon and I politely declined any requests for social gatherings that my local teams felt obliged to host.  So I had an early meal in the evening and decided to walk to the central biz district which also had some tourist spots.  It was hot, muggy and carrying my laptop bag around I realised it wasn’t such a good idea even though the place looked fun.  So I parked myself at a small restaurant to sit and sip a drink while watching the fun around.  And I noticed this sign which said “Male to Male massage” with address and phone numbers. I asked the waitress where the address was and she mentioned it was just around the corner.  So I paid the bill and walked in search of this joint.

    I found this place in what seemed to be a line of heritage buildings (built around WW I) that were taken over by seedy businesses but now revived by small boutique businesses.   I walked in and found the spa desolate, it didn’t look like they had any business on a weekday evening and the receptionist, a young smart guy, who spoke good English sounded not very encouraging – asking me to chose from a menu and would let me know if its possible to get it or not.  I asked him if I could just get a relaxation massage for about 90 minutes.  He hummed and hawed saying the shop would be closing soon and seemed reluctant.  Then, another guy dressed in the Asian uniform for a masseur (baggy pyjamas, a loose collar-less t-shirt etc) came in with a glass of water for me, and then chatted with the receptionist in the local language. Post which, the receptionist mentioned that he could squeeze me in, and gave me a key and a towel asking me to change, mentioning the boy would come to collect me, and to deposit all my belongings in the lockers provided.  The showers and changing rooms/ lockers were in a different floor.

    I went up to the changing/ locker room and realized my laptop bag couldn’t fit into the locker, so I walk down to the receptionist and told him if I could take this to my massage room.  He was a little pompous mentioning there’s no guarantee my bag would be safe in the massage cabin etc.   I felt it best that I move on from this place and was about to give him the locker key. He then seemed to have a change of heart and called in the masseur and advised him something.

    The masseur then asked me to come with him and took me at the rear of the building where there was something like a fire staircase and we kept walking up at least a few floors.  I asked him if I could take a shower first, as we’d passed the floor with the lockers/showers and he replied in pretty decent English – that the room we were going to contained a shower. We seemed to reach the top floor and entered the only room (i.e. no corridor with small cabins unlike the other floors). He switched on the AC and asked me to keep my bag in the corner and remove my clothes handing me a towel. I asked him where I could take a shower and he said it was outside. And surprisingly he too undressed completely and without any shyness, self-consciousness and seemed totally non-provocative

    He then (buck naked) opened  the door which lead us to the terrace that had a nice small garden with some vine creepers which protected our view.  I could look up and see some of the prominent landmarks of the city glittering brightly from the terrace.  (and as a result there was no need to have a lamp on the terrace).


    He asked me to keep my towel on a holder and take the shower after he’d tested the temperature of the water.  This was the first time I had this sensation of erotic adventure in Asia – not only was this terrace so to say quite a ‘public’ place to have a shower, but I had another naked man standing with me. :-)

    I stood under the shower which had a large feeding spout and could sense the masseur come and stand close behind me, asking me if the temperature was correct.  He then started rubbing the water on my back and shoulders guiding me to ensure I was totally drenched, and  then turning me to face him he stood close enough to stand under the shower so that he also got drenched. My hard on was poking his abdomen but he didn’t seem to notice. He paused the shower and and started rubbing some shower gel over my body methodically generating foam. I quite liked the sensation and started looking up into the adjacent buildings and also at the commercial skyscrapers around to see if anyone could notice us while enjoying the high of doing this in Public. WOWZAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!


    The guy moved down and didn’t hesitate to soap my hard cock and balls, and this after he’d already done my crack and perineum while covering my back and my legs.  Post this I stood quietly as he did a quick soap rub all over himself and I studied his slight build and even though he seemed to be around 30 or older his body would be that of a teenager in Europe. He was about half a feet less in height than me, which meant he was taller than most other Asians. He was darker in skin tone (he was from Burma as he told me later) but completely smooth, the only body hair visible being the pubic hair.

    He then switched on the shower again and helped wash off the soap on me first and then from his own body. What I found totally amazing was how totally comfortable he was touching my body - including cleaning my crack, perineum, balls and dick in a totally non-sexual manner, and not being shy at all.  I then took the first step pulling him closer and brushing off the soap of his body. He welcomed this by turning over and allowing me to do the back.  I was a tad too shy to touch his butt or grab his limp dick, though I think he wouldn’t have minded

    Post the shower – he passed me a towel , taking one himself and dried his body luxuriously not missing an inch or a crevice. We then went inside the room and he asked me to lie down on the mattress face down. I removed the towel and lied down.

    The massage began and he did my back and legs smoothly and I could notice he was naked, though not hard. We had polite conversation, where he’s from and he does the usual where am I headed etc. He then moved in front of my face.


    I am not quite sure here about what I can possibly do, so while he’s near my head doing my shoulders and back, my hands reached out and felt his legs, stroked his balls and as he’s bending over to stretch his hands towards my lower back, I cupped his butt and it felt heavenly. He didn’t seem to mind at all.

    I continued to feel him as he moved around, and the tactile sensation of just touching this guys’ skin was beautiful. He’d got some light hairs on his legs, and his butt and crack were a little fuzzy (I suspect he’d been late on the bikini wax) but his chest and back were smooth and creamy to feel.  His face though did not betray any emotion.

    He then stopped and seemed to move behind, and I was not sure what he planned to do, but I waited patiently. Then I felt his legs straddling mine as he lowered himself over me. He’d rubbed his chest and abdomen with oil and was gliding his upper body up and down my back….. and the feeling was just marvelous.  I let out a deep moan. I could feel his dick hanging between my legs and I tightened my legs and he reciprocated. I could imagine we were like two frogs gripping each other in heat.


    He heard me moan and started doing this even more gradually and as he reached my neck he stretched himself further and I can feel him breathing down my neck, I turned my face towards him and could feel his breath.  As he glided down he held his chin down and even though there’s no stubble visible I could feel some prickliness gently scraping down my back.

    This went on for sometime, and the boy was generating heat (in every way) while tingling my spine and every tactile sensation had been activated.  What would have been a cherry is if he had a hard on :-)

    We then turned over, and he moved to a regular massage (i.e. using his hands) he did my legs, chest, hands and abdomen and then wiped the sticky pre-cum off my dick with a towel. He then started gliding on my chest, but with his back arched so that there was no crotch contact – though this was unavoidable as my dick was in full salute and grazed his abdomen and balls as he glided over me.

    He generated heat in my chest but refused to have any eye contact. He was holding my hands carefully keeping his weight gently on them, so that I couldn’t grab him.  I was trying my best to kiss him but he turned his head each time– the only concession was when he offered his nipples to me, bringing one closer to my lips at a time. I was licking him across during each swipe of his.


    With enough heat generated, he lowered his body on to mine and went down lower so that my dick was now tightly held between my abdomen and his chest. He reduced his swipes to now massage only my dick with his chest. There was eye contact as he raised his head to keep looking at me. I am amazed at how well he has managed to increase the tempo.   I couldn’t hold out any longer and there was a release my legs enveloped him and though I want to scream but I only let a loud groan. He didn’t stop but merely reduced his tempo.  I liked the fact that he didn’t mind the hot stickiness at all.

    He slowly picked himself up and took a towel to first remove the jizz of my body and then wiped himself clean. He asked me to sit up and carried out the finishing touches on my back, neck, shoulders and head – in line with what a traditional Thai massage would finish with.


    He then directed me to take another shower. At the shower, he was professional yet mechanical in scrubbing me with soap and washing my legs, pulling my foreskin back and soaping the head etc.   This time I also took the lead and started doing him, though he continued to be limp, but didn’t mind me touching him or scrubbing him in different places.  I could understand he must have had a few customers as I tugged at his penis and he responded that he’d met his boyfriend in the afternoon (as in, he’d spent already). I cursed his lucky boyfriend.

    We dried ourselves, and went back into the room to change. He waited for me to clear the room – asking me to check if anything has been left behind, and then switched off the lights and locked the door. We went down the stairs to the reception. I cleared the bill and paid the masseur a handsome tip.   I even forgot to notice what treatment  was I charged for as I was so light headed, I barely noticed my feet taking me out of the spa.

    I went out and took a cab to the airport in a state of complete bliss, and took the flight out totally in a state of Nirvana. I simply couldn’t wait to come back to Asia and explore every venue that offered a male-to-male massage, at every location I’d be visiting.

    Sadly, with this outlet, there wasn’t a great ending.  I searched for this joint on my next trip nearly three months after this delightful episode.  There was a rather un-friendly receptionist and I didn’t get the boy I had met initially and the receptionist didn’t inform me if the boy had left or was still around. Further when I went through the menu, I couldn’t identify which treatment I’d received, so I went for a simple massage for about 90 minutes, which turned out to be a damp squib as this was in the hall with small ‘cabins’ next to each other, and the boy was completely dressed and I dared not explore touching him. 

    I didn’t return there but my love affair with Asia had begun as I discover different treasures across the region –including the many splendoured jewels of Thailand :-)

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